I help high-achievers 

struggling to heal 

from extreme adrenal fatigue or burnout by streamlining the process in a gentle simple way... 

Reclaim your energy, get shit done, and tap into what it's like to actually enjoy life!


Have more ENERGY without having to do anything perfectly!

Together we'll uncover what's depleting you, create a plan, and engage simple strategies that support your continued healing in body/mind. I will guide and support you through this healing process so you don't feel alone! 

Hey, I'm Mary Langfield!

I'm so grateful you're here! You may not know me yet but I specialize in helping ambitious humans overcome fatigue, depletion and plaguing health issues that are holding them back from living their life to the fullest  --- Yes, even if you feel like you have tried absolutely everything!

My mission is to help people feel so good in their bodies that they can actually tackle their purpose on the planet.

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Let’s discuss those pesky symptoms, get you some clarity on why things AREN’T shifting, and see if working together makes sense!

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Nurtured: The Yoga Community

Nurtured is a monthly yoga and self-care membership for those who are ready to accept themselves fully, build a sacred Self-Care practice and prioritize their connection to internal peace, to each other, and to something bigger.

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What It's Like to Work Together

One of the best opportunities that The Universe has ever sent my way

With the perfect combination of empathy, knowledge, and motivating persistence, Mary was key to my getting going, staying on the journey, and not abandoning ship, as I had done a million times before. Working with Mary on what I feed myself, and I mean 'feeding myself' in the myriad of ways that it can be defined, is one of the best opportunities that The Universe has ever sent my way.


1:1 Client

Mary will be there for you during your healing journey

Mary gives you the tools for transformation. And lots of support! She will be there for you during your new journey.


1:1 Client

I am emotionally stronger & calmer

I am emotionally stronger and calmer. Super weird for me to just go with the flow all day.

Typically just THINKING about MAYBE doing these things would put me over the edge, have me yell at the kids more, totally stressed/physically tight/headache... and I have none of those.

Just enjoying the moments and super clear on boundaries!


1:1 Client

I'm Here to Support You

Whether you're looking for support, wondering if a program is right for you, or just have a question - Click the link below to book a call.

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