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I help ambitious burnt out women regain their energy through a gentle strategic process that allows them to live a vibrant joy-filled life.

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Together we will dive into your own personal energy pitfalls and determine the best way to transform your energy from one health challenge to another into steady energy and resilience you can depend on.

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Reclaim your energy!
Just simple but powerful strategies that get to the root of the problem using my step-by-step system to create the kind of energy that sustains you and every area of your life.

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Homeopathy, Yoga, Holistic Living
I am a certified classical homeopath, holistic health coach, yoga instructor, and Ayurvedic consultatant.
I offer many tools and dig deep to help you get to the root of your imbalance.

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About Mary Langfield

Hello, my name is Mary Langfield, a Life Coach & Energy Alchemist with a background in classical homeopathy, holistic health coaching, yoga and Ayurveda in Minneapolis, MN. Anyone else spot that I am multipassionate or multipotentialite?

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  • Mary is incredibly knowledgable, knows how to lead, and compassionately teaches her class. As someone who has taught many fitness classes, and has been a trainer in the last fifteen years, I want an instructor/trainer that knows what they're doing & and is confident in their abilities. Mary's cueing is timely, intentional, and descriptive...her attitude is positive & encouraging. I love working with Mary!
    Nikki Parsons
  • I want to give a wholehearted, positive, testimonial for Mary! She has been involved in my well-being in so many ways! In all the services she offers Mary is caring and compassionate. Her insight has guided me through these services and made things easy to understand, and easy to complete. I have worked with Mary most frequently as a Holistic Nutrition Coach. The online and in-person, detox programs she offers are great! The information she provides is clear and makes it easy to do the work – yep, I said work. The process can be difficult, but she provides the support you need to move forward. There are instructions provided to guide you through each step of the program. The self-care regime and mindfulness exercises are just what the doctor ordered! With all that said, I count Mary as one of my most treasured friends, and mentors, and wish for anyone reading this that you have the opportunity to work with her. You will be one lucky human!
    Kathy Jantzen
  • With the perfect combination of empathy, knowledge, and motivating persistence, Mary was key to my getting going, staying on the journey, and not abandoning ship, as I had done a million times before. Working with Mary on what I feed myself, and I mean 'feeding myself' in the myriad of ways that it can be defined, is one of the best opportunities that The Universe has ever sent my way.
  • Within the first month of working with Mary I painlessly accomplished the goals I set out to accomplish! My skin looks healthier, and I haven’t had any bloating or stomach aches. I also feel more positive and energized with this program!
  • I would recommend this program to anyone who wants to become a healthier person and wants to pursue what is really important in their life. Mary gives you the tools for transformation. And lots of support! She will be there for you during your new journey.
  • Mary led a yoga, meditation, and intention-setting experience at a private women’s retreat. Not only was she able to make all levels feel comfortable, but she’s also fun! Mary has a unique ability to teach a class like she’s your best gal pal (but with professional certifications), along for your journey and truly excited for what you’ll discover about yourself. She will bring authenticity, heart, and joy to any room she’s in, so I recommend taking her public classes or hiring her for your own private event.
    Shayna Rox
  • I am emotionally stronger and calmer. Super weird for me to just go with the flow all day. Typically just THINKING about MAYBE doing these things would put me over the edge, have me yell at the kids more, totally stressed/physically tight/headache...and I have none of those. Just enjoying the moments and super clear on boundaries