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divine energy alchemist healing May 24, 2023

Oh hey there…. just keeping it REAL as he||.


If you know you know (IYKYK).


Let’s start the AM sharing one way you are healing or healed that isn’t fun!!!


And please note my aim is always to reduce as much of the pain and anguish as you are going THROUGH it, but if you want deep helaing you MUST allow in some serious DISCOMFORT.


As I was healing feeling from some serious physical aches and pains…lots of OLD $h!t I hadn’t processed kept coming up…on the SURFACE it felt like I wasn’t really healing because I was in a lot of mental/emotional pain BUT…as I welcomed in these very gross and uncomfortable feelings I was able to digest a lot of the wounds I started to feel better longer, more confidence and trust in my body.


But, if I had STOPPED doing what I was doing to heal I wouldn’t have moved so far.


Am I perfectly healthy in all areas at all times… oh no.


But when I reflect on how far I have come light years.


I am still learning and healing and I know it’s a journey and honestly although I am CHOOSING this path of healing which can also be somewhat disturbing… it’s also so rewarding.


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