Hey, I'm Mary Langfield.

It shouldn't have to be draining to feel well-rested, mentally strong, or to create a life you love.

Why? Because I remember being there myself. 

I remember working so damn hard on my special diet, taking all the expensive designer supplements on my protocol, working with the specialized practitioners only to feel more 'meh' the more I tried. Spending all my "spare time" on my meals, exercise, and my sleep routine. But, never really attaining the health I was after. But I also remember the moment that started to change for me, when I realized that there was a light at the end of the tunnel, when I saw a new path. And I've been doing my best to walk it ever since.

Does that mean everything is perfect? Absolutely not, but it's been steadily getting better and I want that for more driven individuals who want to grab life by the balls! 

It's time to put an end the survival mode game you are playing so you can succeed, flourish, and radiate energy now!

You don't have to go through it alone any more. 

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Feel ENTHUSIASTIC, INVIGORATED, FOCUSED and with all the ENERGY to crush your Goals

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My Intentions for You

My Mission is to help Depleted, Over-Achieving Individuals to Regain their Energy, Reclaim their Spark and Feel Ready to Tackle Life Once Again with the Aliveness they Used to Feel by showing you how to:

Streamline & Strip Back

You'll learn how to reduce the complication and complexity in your life so you can streamline. As we do this you'll also learn to gauge and manage your energy throughout the day and what to do when you start to fade.

Build a Solid, Simple Foundation

You'll be striping things way back and remastering the basics so you have a firm foundation of health from which to build. You'll learn how to pay attention to your body and use your inner-knowing and intuition.

Create Repeatable Rituals and Routines 

You'll have simple daily rituals and routines that make it easier to do the things you find hard to do.

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My Signature Method... 

Remedy, Ritual and Revolutionary Soul Care


Your situation is unique and it deserves a customized approach that takes into account your health challenges, desires, your dreams, your goals. Your chosen remedy will reflect your current needs.



Incorporate simple daily routines and activities that support deep healing, create balance, and nourish your body.

Revolutionary Soul-Care

As a driven individual it is important to PAUSE, learn how to BE, and tap into your inner-knowing. As your energy increases your vibration increases. Accessing your intuitive side supports you living a more purposeful life.