Appreciate Your Body N@ked!

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Appreciate your Body N@ked!

I asked my clients to tell me in their own words what I do and their answer blew my mind. 


They told me that I help women gain BODY CONFIDENCE…


✔️ Yes, they have more energy. 

✔️ Yes, they wake well rested.

✔️ Yes, they feel ready to tackle the day.

✔️ Yes, many of their physical symptoms radically reduced.


But…by far and away Body Confidence.


They said because of the work we do together I help them embrace their full self.


Most of them told me they avoided looking in the mirror, let alone to look in the mirror n@ked, but that’s changed. 


They said now they trust their bodies, they trust themselves, they trust in their abilities.


They trust they are worthy of having a beautiful life despite having believed they had to be something different than they were. 


Through this work they now experience a calm mind, deep restful sleep, and laughter comes more quickly.


Before, they felt like they had to prove themselves, deprive themselves, push themselves, to renounce their desires and needs, or to be people pleasers in order to be appreciated.


And they felt they had to do everything they do without complaint. 


Before working together they felt a need to prove and validate their deservability so they could claim their worth from those around them.


This led to constant worrying, insomnia, joint pain, digestive issues, emotional eating, headaches, and wicked pms. 


The need to be approved of and appreciated by others cause they couldn’t do it for themselves had them hiding away. These symptoms weighed them down and kept them from enjoying their bodies and their life.


And after working together they’ve enjoyed a reduction in the symptoms that were distracting them and causing suffering.


But, more than that they’ve embraced a new found relationship to Self.


This CONFIDENCE they have comes from within and not from their accolades, multiple degrees, or from making lots of money.


They now exude a quiet yet profound confidence that has changed all aspects of their lives and has impacted those around them in powerful ways!


So yeah…hearing their experience of this work is mind blowing and also reminds me how important it is that we do our own inner work because it ripples out.



If you are feeling stuck and at war in your body. Let's chat. Simply send me reply.



Here is an example of what one of my lovely clients shared with me.



Hi Mary,
Thank you for all your help these past six months - feel free to share the following testimonial as you see it with future clients or marketing to future clients.
I have never felt so strong mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and even physically while working with Mary for the past 6 months.  Mary was able to allow me to see how powerful I could be as a young woman, tapping into some hard conversations but also taking the time to celebrate small victories along the way.  I first came to Mary wanting to lose weight physically as I simply didn't love my physical body.  I thought if I could just uncover my root issues around not being able to "stay on track," with my diet and exercise I could solve all my problems.  Wow, I wasn't expecting to come out of Mary's program by simply loving my body on where it was as it was allowing me to walk everyday, to lift weights, and simply keeping up with a demanding career. 
The variety of tools that are now in my tool box has led to me appreciating my body (even naked), being confident in the work I do for a living and not allowing it to run my whole life and even leading to a job promotion that I didn't even see coming, but of course Mary knew it was coming as she had big plans for me. 
Within a short 6 months, I laugh more, I don't get stomach aches, celebrate all the small victories and the sleep is incredible. There are not enough words in the English language to describe how grateful I am for the tools of falling asleep quickly, soundly and throughout the night.  I am ready to tackle the day most mornings.  If you are on the fence of reaching out to Mary, please do not hesitate, you will not regret this investment in your overall health - I promise you.
So grateful to you!


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