Are you guilty of spending MORE on supplements than on groceries?

ayurveda classical homeopathy remedy resource Jul 27, 2023

I love a good deal. It's baked into me...

What do I love even more?


Passing deals onto others who I know will enjoy and benefit.


Admittedly, I don't spend a lot of time marketing my links because I don't make more than a few cents per order. And that's my choice because I want to pass along the savings.


And as someone who, at several points in my health journey, toted around a BAG containing upward of 35+ supplement bottles to my practitioners' appointments so they visibly saw what I was 'on' any given time...that bag of tricks came with a HUGE price tag and an even bigger mental load.


Yeah I was told that these supplements would support me and the chronic symptoms I was desperate to be rid of, but I also felt price gouged and not too happy about it. (side note...there are better ways if you feel like you can barely operate in your current state without your supplements. Ask me how I know!)


It's important to me that IF you are using and relying on supplements (or other wellness products):

1. You get excellent quality supplements AND toxin-free products that you can trust have been stored properly for effectiveness.

2. You aren't spending MORE on them than you are on groceries, utilities, car payments, get the idea. Because to be honest I was shelling out a fortune on them AND on ALL my appointments (honestly I try not to think about it).

3. It's easy to get a hold of the products you need.

I have partnered with Fullscript to provide you with access to thousands of high-quality professional-grade supplements, as well as other lovely wellness goodies like tea, mushroom coffee, lotion, sunblock, toothpaste, essential oils, deodorant, make-up, etc. The carries many of my go-to brands like Pure Encapsulations, Premier Research Labs, Herb Pharm, Four Sigmatic, Yogi Tea, Banyan Botanicals, Nordic Naturals, Weleda, Badger, etc...and some that are hard to get your hands on like Klaires and Thorne.

For 30% off manufacturer pricing ALWAYS, every time you order. You can order when you want or create monthly auto-ship orders. It's up to you. Fullscript ships to the USA and Canada...

You really can't beat this deal. Plus, you can stop wasting your time & mental energy hunting and pecking all over the internet like amazon, ebay, iherb, etc. Because my clients told me they save more with THIS than on amazon.

So in the event you too, love a good deal or coupon...then create an account and order knowing you are saving a small fortune.




P.S. Just a disclaimer reminding you that I am NOT a doctor. It's always a great idea to work with your health team to determine what supplements, vitamins, and minerals might be beneficial to you. Don't forget to remind your team of any current health concerns and medications.


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