Some comforting words for you.

divine energy energy alchemist Jan 31, 2023

When I see someone hurting because they have been taught they are wrong, when they are told who they are is unacceptable…I have to say something.


Maybe these words will also bring comfort to you…


I am witnessing you in this. I am sending you LOVE, COURAGE, and the ability to OWN YOUR AWESOME. 


You are wonderful and although you have been challenged by having this mother and being judged by people who do not know how to honor and truly love themselves and their innate beauty...this will never contain or define you. 


You are so much more than a title. 


YOU are magical and brave and full of love and persistence and as you move toward more and more will begin to OWN all these experiences from a different place...a place where it hurts less because you KNOW your WORTH. 


We SEE you and we honor how difficult it was to share...but as you bring it to you let it surface...through the grief and sadness and intense feelings you will create not only a more loving relationship to yourSELF and all that you offer and provide but a new perspective. 


I will always be here to reflect your awesome back to you. 


You let me know when you need a little love.


When you doubt…gently hold yourself through it and remind yourself you entered this world to hold a vastness that can’t be contained and that your ability to share and shine and own it…is part of a great healing. 


It can be stretchy and hard, but oh boy when it fully comes…we ALL are better for it!  


Sending you SO MUCH LOVE!


With Love,




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