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Vitality Now News (health tips, recipes, and rantings)


How To Get More Energy

Just about everyone is running on empty these days. Board meetings, sales quotas and extra long workweeks keep the energy flowing in business but what about your body?
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Lose Weight & Keep It Off

Do you feel your ambition should be enough?
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Handle Stress With Ease

Laughter might really be the best medicine. Studies out of the University of Chicago show a great sense of humor can add 8 years to your life—no joke!
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Do you feel your ambition should be enough?
That your external successes in life – the
amazing job, loving partner, new car, luxurious
clothes, hot shoes, endless indulgences, busy
schedule – should bring you more happiness,
contentment and genuine fulfillment in your
everyday life?


Within the first month of working with Mary I painlessly accomplished the goals I set out to accomplish! Not only did I start eating new foods that I enjoy, but my clothes fit differently, my skin looks healthier, and I haven’t had any bloating or stomach aches. I also feel more positive and energized with this program! I haven’t had the need to reach for caffeine to get me going in the morning. I am more confident and feel the real ME emerging!

— Denise, age 29, MN