How to get more energy, lose weight, and handle work stress with ease.

Vitality for the Ambitious Woman

Do you feel your ambition should be enough? That your external successes in life – the amazing job, loving partner, new car, luxurious clothes, hot shoes, endless indulgences, busy schedule – should bring you more happiness, contentment and genuine fulfillment in your everyday life?

I get that. I’ve been a wandering soul for years which is why I work with ambitious, self-aware women – because I want you to have the healthy direction you’re seeking. I want you to feel better in your body, to have the energy you crave, and maintain your high standards in your health and well-being.




Not a day goes by that I am not referencing something I learned from Mary and sharing it with friends and co-workers. The whole office is always interested in what I bring for lunch since I have been working with Mary (I have made quite a shift). In fact, they love what I have been making for lunches so much that they want to pay me to bring them health food on a daily basis. So really this investment in my health might also be paving the way for a new part-time job! — Rochelle, age 31, MN

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