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  • This membership is for YOU and if you are loving the sessions please honor my time and energy by sharing the trial membership with your friends, family, and acquaintances and not by sharing your login access. The goal of this membership is to create a community and we want it to thrive with you and those you think would benefit!
  • Inside our membership please let Mary know if you have specific needs around movement so she can include modifications and recommendations.
  • Mary wants you to get as much out of this community as possible, please make sure to ASK for what you need: please reach out if you need help navigating the system, using the resources, or special yoga requests. Mary will be checking in from time to time, but she appreciates YOU and never wants you to struggle with using the membership!


Nurtured - The Yoga Community - ANNUAL Membership Pricing

So if you are looking for internal growth, relaxation, positive support, an amazing experience or to try something different in a very safe and nonjudgemental environment, Nurtured - The Yoga Community might be exactly what you have been looking for. 

Your FREE Trial is 30 Days to Allow you to Experience all the LIVE sessions, connect with the community as well as to DIVE into the ON DEMAND library and resources.


NOTE: I will be getting in touch several times BEFORE you are ever charged!


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What you'll get:

  • LIVE Sessions each month
    • 1x Mindful Mid-Day
    • 1x Wednesday Night Wind Down
    • 1x Sunday Self-Care Circle Mini Retreat
  • Community Connection
  • App for your devices so you can connect on-the-go
  • ON DEMAND Library & Resources
  • Thought Prompts to support your personal & spiritual growth