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How to get more energy, lose weight, and handle work stress with ease.

Yoga Classes

Come explore the world of yoga with me, your yogi guide, as we find what movement works best for your unique body type. [Contact me for details.]

Yoga Privates

Imagine what could transform for you when we spend five hours together in your home. Together we will explore your chakras and identify the current body imbalances so you can focus your yoga classes + overall fitness, diet and lifestyle items to restore your body’s balance. [Contact me for details.]

Seasonal Group Detox

Ready to get focused, energized and release excess weight? Ditch diets forever and have fun this season! Jump start your energetic lifestyle here.[Read more…]


If you are tired of attending work meetings with a huge zit on your face (that you weren’t able to properly cover-up) for the umpteenth time then this program is designed for you. [Read more…]

Building Your Baby

Building a healthy Baby goes well beyond eating an extra 300 calories a day or indulging in whatever you want because you’re not on a diet anymore. It takes extra TLC for you and the baby…[Read more…]

Your Body Is A Temple

Navigating this crazy world around us with self-love, acceptance and compassion isn’t for the faint of heart. In fact, to embark on this body love quest we must be courageous and willing to face our deepest fears about ourselves. If you desire deep love in your life, one that is grounded with loving yourself first, then this is for you. [Read more…]

Private Coaching Tune-Up Sessions

Sometimes you don’t need a full program, just a quick realignment to get you back on track. Reserved for current and previous clients only. [Read more…]



  1. Kristin Johnson
    May 01, 2015

    Hi Mary – I am looking for a health coach. I’m a health coach as well, but I need my own coach to help me on my health journey. I wasn’t sure if you are taking any new clients at this time? Thank you! Kristin

  2. Jen
    Nov 07, 2015

    What is the cost of your health coaching services? Thank you.

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