"What you seek is seeking you." – Rumi

Recently, I made the decision to seek support for improving and sustaining my health. As a nurse, I know much about health and wellness. However, I have a very busy work schedule and it is difficult to establish work and lifestyle balance by myself. After researching health support programs, I chose to work with a nutrition and lifestyle consultant. Mary was fantastic! She taught me what to eat and how to prepare meals. I learned about organic foods and which foods supplied to most nutrients for my needs. All of my sugar and salt cravings went away! Since starting the program I am eating and enjoying more vegetables and fruits. My mood feels more balanced and positive. I am more relaxed and my head feels clearer. Overall, I am making wiser choices and my sleep has improved. I also lost the 15 lbs I wanted to shed going through Mary's program. With this program I am more connected to my body and how I feel and that feels great.

~Sue (Ph.D, RN)

"Thank you SO much for talking with me about my health concerns. After just one week of implementing some of your ideas, I have lost a few pounds and have a ton more energy! I used to take naps but no longer need to! My skin is also clearing up and I’ve been having fun discovering new foods to add to my diet which I had never tried before. I cannot thank you enough!"

Michelle (California)

"Not a day goes by that I am not referencing something I learned from Mary and sharing it with friends and co-workers. The whole office is always interested in what I bring for lunch since I have been working with Mary (I have made quite a shift). In fact, they love what I have been making for lunches so much that they want to pay me to bring them health food on a daily basis. So really this investment in my health might also be paving the way for a new part-time job! "

Rochelle (Minnesota)

"I have noticed that my mood is feeling really balanced. I hardly eat processed foods anymore because now I know how to cook! I suddenly find it easier to get my fruits and veggies in and its my new standard! My skin problems aren't back and haven't even hinted about being back. I think I am over the hump of wanting things that just don't work well for my body."

Megan (Minnesota, Artist/Entrepreneur)

"I just wanted to thank you. I was thinking today how your whole foods detox has led to a major transformation in how I eat and view food. I went from 100% processed foods, to the detox and trying new foods, to eating hardly any processed foods. I look around and see Maca, Flax seed oil, my beloved Vitamix, and a motherload of fresh fruits and vegetables. I never ate vegetables and I now, they cover my plate. Thank you for your generous heart, love for people, and non-judging encouragement. You DO inspire others. I am your proof."

JoAnna Gomez (Minnesota)

"Sometimes the Universe sends us a message; sometimes the Universe sends us a battering ram full of messages. That’s what happened to me on my fiftieth birthday: after years of perfect health despite being overweight and a terrible eater, and spending most of my day sitting in a cubicle or on a sofa, I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. Somehow I had completely jumped over being pre-diabetic, with perfect HDL and LDL numbers, perfect blood pressure, to being a full-blown diabetic—and menopausal to boot.

I had heard about Mary the previous autumn, when she was a guest speaker at a symposium/workshop on life changes and nutrition. I kept her name in the back of my brain for an emergency. Well, that emergency happened. When I was diagnosed, all of the sudden I recognized symptoms that I had previously ignored: thirst, exhaustion, depression, and a cold hard need to take control of my diabetic situation.

Granted, I was a motivated individual: I was willing to do whatever it took to not be diabetic (actually, I would have been satisfied with having a normal glucose number—which in my mind meant my diabetes was controlled). But I can’t say enough about Mary —her approach was concentrated, intelligent, and flexible. She didn’t laugh at me when I said I’d never eaten a green, let alone 'greens.' She understood my addiction to sugar and carbs, and she understood that dealing with that addiction was not going to be as easy as just stopping eating candy and chips.

Mary’s approach was paced and targeted. She didn’t dump a bunch of information on me and expect me to be cured in a week. I was religious about getting my glucose number under control, but it wasn’t as easy as flipping a switch. As Mary showed me how to slowly adapt what I was eating to meet my blood sugar goals, she also encouraged me to get moving—the other piece of the glucose puzzle that was even more difficult to change than my food intake and choices. By the time my glucose numbers were where they should be, I was walking five miles a day, had lost 32 pounds, and was eating less than 20 grams of carbohydrates per day. And strange as it sounds, I could actually taste food again. Without Mary’s help, those things were not possible—I had 50 years of behaviors to break.

I cringe a little when I think how many times with Mary that I said “…yeah, but…” The Universe may have been conking me on the side of head, but it was Mary that made sure I was listening. After working with Mary for a couple of months, I was literally a different person. I was awake with energy, down four clothing sizes, and hadn’t been that “thin” since college. Mary kept me focused, accountable, but didn’t freak out when I had missteps.  With the perfect combination of empathy, knowledge, and motivating persistence, Mary was key to my getting going, staying on the journey, and not abandoning ship, as I had done a million times before.  Working with Mary on what I feed myself, and I mean “feeding myself” in the myriad of ways that it can be defined, is one of the best opportunities that The Universe has ever sent my way. I am so glad I was paying attention!"

Ann (Minnesota, Artist/Instructional Designer)

"I participated in Mary's six week detox program and found it very valuable. Before the detox, I drank a lot of diet soda and was craving unhealthy food. I was looking for something that would help me detox my body from the caffeine addiction and also learn how to lead a healthier eating lifestyle. The detox program was an excellent way for me to do this. The weekly taped sessions and readings she provided the group on the group web page were very helpful and enabled me to participate when it fit in my schedule. I am very happy I participated. I was able to lose ten pounds over the six weeks and successfully lost my caffeine cravings while learning a lot of valuable information on a healthier lifestyle."

Lynn (Minnesota, Finance Executive)

"Before I started working with Mary I was confused about what to eat. I wanted to feel better - I frequently had stomach aches, uncomfortable bloating and often felt tired. Within the first month of working with Mary I painlessly accomplished the goals I set out to accomplish! Not only did I start eating new foods that I enjoy, but my clothes fit differently, my skin looks healthier, and I haven't had any bloating or stomach aches. I also feel more positive and energized with this program! My friends have even noticed a difference in my attitude and how I look and feel. Another benefit to Mary's program is that I have not had to reach for my allergy or asthma medication since I started! I haven't had the need to reach for caffeine to get me going in the morning. I am more confident and feel the real ME emerging!"

Denise (Minnesota, Service Industry)

"I thought I was living a pretty healthy lifestyle before, but after working with Mary, I’ve realized that there are alot of things I can improve. I have also realized why I have certain habits –what the root of them is, and so now I can move beyond old patterns and experience new things, which is enlightening, and I feel a lot better.

Mary is a very good listener and I can tell that she truly cares about what I’m communicating. It’s great to have someone to listen and truly care about me and my health, and also to have a person to be accountable to. Mary gives me tons of great ideas for how to live my best life, and in a short time I feel like I’ve changed a lot of things – moved beyond what were habits (not serving me well) and experimented with new things that now become new ways of being. It’s been fun. Mary is so upbeat, creative and wise.

Doing sessions with Mary over-the-phone has worked out great for me. On the days I can’t fit travel into my schedule, it saves me time, money for gas, and I feel good about conserving resources and being environmentally friendly by not driving. Mary’s over-the-phone approach is similar to a face-to-face session, so I feel like we’re meeting together across the distance. It’s very comfortable."

Jessica (Minnesota)

"Some of the MANY benefits I walked away with after just the first 2 weeks of commitment with your program: lost 6 pounds, visibly noticed healthier/clearer skin, felt a smaller, less bloated tummy, felt less gassy, felt taller and thinner, had an aura of confidence, was told by everyone how good I looked (amazing after just 6 pounds of weight loss - I guess confidence can be visibly seen).

I didn't mention the benefit of how my clothes are fitting! I have to wear a belt with all pants now! I get to buy some new ones! My thighs don't rub together as much. I feel more confident wearing shorts and form fitting shirts.

I have myself and kids eating kale chips, green (spinach) smoothies, rice and almond milk, organic produce, alternative/healthy food sweeteners, almond flour pancakes and muffins."

Angie (Minnesota, Pediatric Health Coordinator)

"Making Mary's soup was hardly more work than making a sandwich!"

Shannon (Minnesota)

“Before working with Mary I was tired after lunch, wishing I could snooze at my desk, drinking mountain dew and eating snickers bars for quick pick me ups, and feeling pretty lousy.

In 12 weeks working with Mary, my sleep has been sounder, my energy level after lunch has increased dramatically, and I don’t miss those old sugary snacks I used to crave. In addition, I have lost 35 pounds, and am wearing pants I haven’t worn in 3 years. "

Andrew (Minnesota, Management)

"The biggest surprise for me was learning about sugar. Who knew how much sugar there is in processed foods or that we should be concerned with the sugar grams? It's been equally incredible to learn how much the body needs fats in order to process what I eat in a healthy way. I was able to go to Trader Joe's with my family and I even taught my wonderful son-in-law a few things. Amazing!!

The other big surprise was to have a professional, intelligent young lady teach a mature gentleman about all the different foods and how to actually have fun with healthy foods. Mary you are the BEST!!"

Harry (Minnesota)

"The biggest surprise from your program for me was how seamless making healthy decisions can be when you have support. Before when I'd try to do even little things, on my own, it seemed like I was undertaking the impossible. But with your coaching (knowledge, understanding, suggestions, etc) making decisions were easy to do.

Example: I tried to get off coffee about 3 years ago. The first day I was in tears from a major headache, the second day I had the same problem, and by the third day I was drinking coffee again.

Flash forward to your program, I always need sweet with my salty (you know my even ratio...2 salty things in the lunch sack = 2 sweet things). But now instead of Chips Ahoy, I have fruit or something sweetly sustaining. I'm on my fourth bottle of Agave (my sis-in-law now swears by the stuff). Before, I'd just say to myself, 'These sweet things are causing me weight gain. I'm not going to eat them anymore." And then I'd have the withdrawal and be back to them in no time!

I think that someone needs the support of someone with your abilities to make the right choices fit into their lives! "

Sam (Minnesota)

"When I met Mary I had an unhealthy relationship with food. I was drawn to her "food as medicine" approach and her caring nature. Although I had a B.S. in Nutrition, I learned more from Mary about healthy eating and cooking. I learned how to cook and enjoy new foods that made me feel happy and healthy. Now even my parents are trying some of the healthy recipes and enjoying green vegetables and whole grains. Thru Mary I saw improvements in my sleep and energy level. I developed a healthy relationship with myself and with food while losing almost 25 lbs. "

Amber (Minnesota, Dietetics Major/Nursing Assistant)

" Before working with Mary I was struggling with self confidence and some health issues. After 7 sessions with Mary, I started believing in myself and knew that everything in my life was possible. Mary has a big heart and a lot of knowledge to share with her clients. I would recommend this program to anyone who wants to become a healthier person and wants to pursue what is really important in their life. Mary gives you the tools for transformation. And lots of support! She will be there for you during your new journey."

Judit Duran (New Jersey)

" Before I started working with Mary I struggled with digestive issues, morning fatigue, and finding ways to fit exercise into my daily life. Additionally, in starting my business, I felt like I was never doing enough and would get overwhelmed easily. After working with Mary for 6 months, I am now able to wake up refreshed and ready to take on the world. My digestion is greatly improved and I am more hydrated, which gives me a lot more energy. I have more exercise options to choose from which allows me to exercise every day. This provides vitality, clearer thinking, and a sense of peace and connection that increases my happiness overall and even improves my relationships! In growing my business, Mary supported me in clarifying what I want to accomplish and she gave me simple, step-by-step directions that were easy to follow.

Mary has helped me appreciate where I am NOW in my life so that I can relax and enjoy the never-ending process of healing and growing. I would recommend this program to anyone who is wanting to make permanent changes to feel peaceful, more satisfied with life, improve digestion, and have more energy.

Mary is a delight to work with because she is always supportive and has amazing ideas, suggestions, and information to share.

I was amazed at how Mary's suggestions about when/how to drink water improved my digestion! Not only do I need to eat less overall, I also have much more balanced energy and don't get that afternoon sleepiness anymore. Thank you Mary!"

Shannon Hodge (Kansas, Holistic Health Coach)


Detox Victories

"First of all, thanks for this program. I liked the program a lot, at first I was a bit put off by some of the new ingredients, especially since some things are hard to find here, but I realized I could follow the rules without those things.

Results: lost weight, lost belly, feel good, less lag after lunch, smoother bowel movements. Actually today I noticed something pretty cool: I usually have these nodes on the back of my neck that are enlarged (as if fighting something off) and they are much smaller.

I would do another program with you because you are awesome."

Mara (Spain)

"I really found this detox to be very helpful in many ways. It made me more conscious of what I was eating. I do have a pretty good diet, eating mostly organic, etc., but I am definitely addicted to gluten. I do still want some bread but I've managed to control the urge.

I have to tell you that the psoriasis that was on my elbows is gone!

What I liked:
1. I liked that recipes were provided so that I could make things during the week that I knew I could eat. That was especially helpful for work lunches. I ate a lot more kale and greens. The idea to blanch them and have them ready was helpful....and a good thing to do going forward.
2. I liked the pyramid you explained on our last class and the questions you're having us thing about are very provocative. I'm going to spend time with them and we can discuss sometime!
3. I like the FB page and it was great to have a place where people could share recipes and ideas.
4. I like how you shared your personal struggles - it was helpful to hear how you handled some of the cravings, etc.

I think you did a great job and I would recommend this to friends. The detox part wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be. I'm really not missing bread or sugar that much, and it's made me want to learn more about grains, gluten.

So glad I did this!"

Susan O. (Minnesota)

"I did my "post" detox body measurements last night & was shocked to see I dropped 2 inches from my waist in the last 30 days! I didn't change my workouts at all, so this was based on the nutritional shifts alone. Amazing! I also turned my attention inward and acknowledged that I have more work to do on my relationship with food, emotional eating patterns and my innate knowing, BUT, this Detox and the support you all offered was a great step in the right direction!

I know I'm not "done" learning how to nourish my body properly. You are a wealth of knowledge, and so fun to work with, I look forward to working more with you."

Alita B. (Minnesota)

"My skin is clearing and my jeans are too big !!"

Roberta G. (Minnesota)

" Never have I had healthier skin !!!!!"

Kris W. (Minnesota)

" Free from caffeine and more energy as a result! Pants are literally falling off , feel healthier, new recipes (I didn't cook a THING before this)."

Amanda W. (Minnesota)

" Not craving caffeine anymore. Energy level is more stable. "

Angie R. (Minnesota)

" Flatter stomach, better attitude and have made more meals this week so far than I have made total in the last 18 months. So far so good!"

Sarah S. (Minnesota)

"I wanted to let you know that my husband actually liked the harvest lentil soup quite a bit and was pretty OK with the curried spinach with chickpeas. A few of the group know that this man is often hard to please, so kudos to the recipe providers."

Jean J. (Minnesota)

"I impressed myself that that I was able to go 10 days without gluten, sugar and dairy! I have cooked with food & spices I have never, ever cooked with...AND have not had coffee for over 2 weeks! I broke a threshold albiet 5 lbs - a threshold none the less! Not sure what the next step is- I do know I will continue on this path to keep with the steady decrease in lbs and then morph it into something that I can continue!

Cooking more and trying new things! Pants are big on me and the ones that were too tight fit like a glove and I broke thru a plateau !

My 16 yr old picky eater actually liked the chicken and ate some of the slaw- she surprised me! There was just a bunch of chopping and cutting that I am not used to- however- leftovers for lunch!"

Amanda S. (Minnesota)

"I have to tell you, this program has really worked for me! In the last 2 days 2 of the the gym have commented on how lean I look - my nutrition is the only change that I have made! My workouts are the same. Thanks so much for your guidance through this process! These are changes that I can live with!"

I have said it before and will say it again, this is a program I can stick with for life !!!"

Kathy J. (Minnesota)

"Today I woke up at the normal time and went downstairs for my morning cup of hot lemon water and my daily neck/shoulder exercises. These exercises end with 20 minutes flat on my back, which gives me lots of time to breathe and think.

So I'm lying there, taking inventory, and I realized that I've exceeded one of my R3 goals -- and one of my New Year's Resolution, to boot! In about three hours, I will be 50 years old. And I feel better at 50 than I've ever felt in my life. Physically and mentally. Not an easy goal to meet, but yay me!

I have great news: In the past three days, I've had only three hot flashes. I can hardly believe it.

Mary, your instinct and nurturing nature make you an ideal coach. And you back that up with your training and knowledge. You’ve taught me so much through this process."

Eileen C. (Minnesota)

"I am really excited that for the first time in a very long time my clothes are feeling loose. You called it with the dairy - I am thinking clearer, not feeling bloated or hungry all the time any more.

Oh, I also just took my measurements like you suggested and I compared them to what I measured to today, everything is down!"

M.L. (Minnesota)

"Remember when Mary told us to put a pair of pants or some outfit that doesn't quite fit, aside at the beginning of the program?

I bought a pair of super cute jeans at Banana Republic 3 years ago, that didn't fit but I was determined to make them fit one day. I took out that pair of pants yesterday and am happy to report, they finally fit! I was ecstatic!

It took 3 years but not only do they fit, they look good and they're still in style! My husband said they make my ass look great. . .how's that for results? 😉

I've very much enjoyed the ease into the detox, each week building upon the next. This helped me still feel satiated and mentally good. I liked the FB forum. I really liked getting to know Mary more with the 1:1 convo's. I would and have recommended Mary to several friends, especially her upcoming detox. I've learned so much and am ecstatic with Dynamic Greens, Sunwarrior Protein, hot water, essential oils, Dandelion tea, self massage and the overall continuum I've been on for the past 6 years to find balance.

Was I doing everything perfectly? Hell no, but I feel my best thus far, sleeping better and I've even been able to ween myself off my anti-depressant. "

Angela W. (Minnesota)



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